Having been part of the global coffee industry and heavily involved in food science, development and manufacturing since 1991, we embarked on the project of buidling a state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility in 2012.

We aim to become Australia's preferred coffee roasting partner to those organisations who value their own brand, the importance of selling consistently great quality coffee, and who require a supply partner who knows and respects the responsilities for delivery in-full on-time and to locations as required.

We strive to offer a customer-oriented product which means that our customer's preferences and requirements always come first. Whether this be in our customer's choice of blend, their packing format or logistics requirements, our first responsibility is to provide what our customer desires.

We manage the balance of science and art in coffee production and ensure that sound green coffee sourcing, production practices and philosophies form the basis of our expert roasters' skill. In conjunction with the use of the highest quality roasting systems, our roasters are able to make their judgement on the perfect roasting conditions and end-points. With every roasted batch being analysed for overall organoleptics, pH and water activity we have absolute confidence in everything we produce.

At AESP we have a very simple philosophy, which is to create coffees to suit each unique customer, roast every batch maintaining absolute consistency in quality and profile, and get it all delivered to our customer at a great price . Our customers' expectations guide our standards and we offer true partnership opportunities in coffee development and supply. When working with AESP you can be certain that the highest standards you expect in coffee supply are our main concern.

AESP Contract Coffee Roasters

25 Parkhurst Drive

Knoxfield, VIC


Tel: (03) 9800 0088

Email: service@aesp.com.au

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